Prometheus Setup

1. Prometheus Setup

Available since 3.25.0

Prometheus is a tool to monitor metrics and setup alerts in the case that some metric has responded negatively for an extended period. Setting this up with CleanSpeak is easy.

1.1. Setup

The only requirement to hookup CleanSpeak is to direct Prometheus to the CleanSpeak endpoints. We used the following configuration for a CleanSpeak instance running locally on the docker host. (You can reach the docker host using the hostname host.docker.internal on macOS and Windows. By default the CleanSpeak Management Interface runs on 8011 and CleanSpeak Webservice runs on 8001)

  - job_name: CleanSpeak
    metrics_path: /prometheus/metrics
    scheme: https
      - targets: ['', '']

We then started prometheus with

docker run -v $(pwd)/prometheus.yaml:/etc/prometheus/prometheus.yml -p 9090:9090 prom/prometheus
Prometheus Adoc