Configuring OIDC for FusionAuth

1. Configure OpenID with Azure

Azure OpenID has a slightly different workflow because it uses a slightly different path for the issuer. This is because Azure uses tenant specific OpenID URLs.

1.1. First we again need to create an application.

  1. First navigate to your portal

  2. Open Azure Active Directory

  3. Open App registrations on the new inner left menu. (The screen should look like the image below)

    Azure create app screen
  4. Click New registration

  5. Choose a name and set the redirect URI

    Azure create app ptII
  6. Click register

1.2. You should now see a screen like the following.

Azure application details

1.3. Now open CleanSpeak System Settings

  1. Paste{tenantId} into the issuer field of your. (With {tenantId} replaced with your own)

  2. Copy the Client ID from your azure application and paste that in the Client ID field of CleanSpeak

1.4. Now we need a client secret (which is required for all web based applications on Azure)

  1. Go to your Azure app

  2. Open certificates and secrets

  3. Click New client secret

  4. Choose a name for this secret and create it

  5. Copy the secret value to your CleanSpeak OpenID Settings

  6. Click save

1.5. You can now login with Azure

Azure login