Tutorial Overview

1. Overview

This section contains a number of tutorials that will help you get started with CleanSpeak quickly. You can work through each of the tutorials or jump to the one that fits your needs best.

Here are our tutorials:

  • Setup Wizard - Learn how to use the Setup Wizard to configure and bootstrap your CleanSpeak deployment.

  • Integration Setup - The steps required to have a complete integration with CleanSpeak.

  • Configure an Application - Learn how to configure an application with filter rules within CleanSpeak.

  • Filtering Content - Learn how to send content to CleanSpeak to be filtered.

  • Filtering Phrases - Learn how to use Blacklist Phrases for advanced matching.

  • Handling Flags - Learn how to handle user and content flags (when user’s report others) in CleanSpeak.

  • Handling Webhook Notifications - Learn how to handle notifications that CleanSpeak sends back to your Webhooks.

  • Start and Stop - Learn how to start and stop the CleanSpeak services

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