Status API

1. Status

This API provides status information about CleanSpeak with the help of the Dropwizard Metrics project. The status information is broken down into metrics and health checks. Metrics provide timing information, counts, meters, histograms, etc. The health checks provide information about services in CleanSpeak and whether or not they are working properly.

1.1. Request


GET /status

1.2. Response

The JSON response from the Status API is complex and subject to change. The specific contents of the JSON body are not documented here. If you choose to use this API for monitoring purposes you should primarily use the response code to indicate server health. If you receive a 200 you may consider CleanSpeak in a healthy state. The response body is intended for use by CleanSpeak support.

Table 1. Response Codes
Code Description


The CleanSpeak server is functioning properly


The CleanSpeak server is not functioning properly. This could indicate that the database connectivity failed or one or more services within CleanSpeak failed. Consult the CleanSpeak Troubleshooting to learn more about the failure or contact CleanSpeak support for assistance.

2. Prometheus

This API provides metrics similar to the Status Endpoint but responds in a format designed for Prometheus.

If you need help setting up prometheus, see our tutorial.

2.1. Request

This endpoint exists on both the Webservice and Management Interface

This endpoint does not require an API Key


GET /prometheus/metrics

2.2. Response

The Prometheus encoded response.

Table 2. Response Codes
Code Description


The request succeeded and the response is a valid Prometheus body


Something went wrong and it will be logged. The body will be empty.