Integration Tutorial

1. Dashboard

After you have completed the Setup Wizard you will arrive at the dashboard. From here you will want to complete the following to attain a complete integration with CleanSpeak and get the most out of it.


2. Default Filter Lists

You can import any number of languages you want for your instance, it is however only recommended that you use the language that bulk of your users speak and use, this is because many languages have overlapping words that are not vulgar in one but offensive in another. For example importing both French and English would result in the word "Pine" being filtered out as it is offensive in French.

In order to import lists you can click setup on the Dashboard in the Missing Lists card or you can navigate to Filters → Lists → Import (Button in the top right) to reach this in the future.

Load Stock Lists

3. API Keys

In order to make calls to CleanSpeak you will need an API Key. These keys allow REST calls to be authenticated and gives them controlled access to CleanSpeaks APIs.

See Settings → API Keys

API Keys

4. Email Settings

If you want CleanSpeak to send emails for you, you will need to configure the SMTP settings.

See Settings → System → Email

Email Settnigs