API Authentication

1. Authentication

CleanSpeak controls access to the API through the use of an API Key. By default all APIs will return an 401 Unauthorized response.

To enable access to the API create one or more API Keys in the CleanSpeak Management Interface. The API Key is then supplied in the HTTP request using the Authorization header.

The following example demonstrates the HTTP Authorization header with an API Key of 2524a832-c1c6-4894-9125-41a9ea84e013.

Authorization: 2524a832-c1c6-4894-9125-41a9ea84e013

The following is a cURL example using the Authorization header.

curl -H 'Authorization: 2524a832-c1c6-4894-9125-41a9ea84e013' https://example-cleanspeak-api.cleanspeak.io/content/item/filter