Ask the CEO: Understanding the User Management Tool

Brian Pontarelli

User Management Tool If you're considering building an online community around your company or brand, you're moving in the right direction. Never has there been more of need to engage and interact with your users on a regular and consistent basis. When building an online community, it can be confusing and overwhelming knowing what steps to take, and what resources are available to you when moving forward.

Inversoft's CEO, Brian Pontarelli builds some of the world's most sought after enterprise community management tools. Today he shares his expertise on one of the key components that all successful online communities utilize to help manage their users.

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CleanSpeak Tutorial: Working with Blacklist Dictionary

Marshall Bauernfeind
  • By Marshall Bauernfeind
  • CleanSpeak
  • March 16, 2014

Blacklist DictionaryWhen working with Inversoft’s profanity filter, CleanSpeak, the flexibility and thoroughness of  the filter provides multiple tool sets to test, customize and tune the filter to meet your online community needs. CleanSpeak uses a blacklist for both graylist and blacklist filtering as described in the Filtering Concepts section of Inversoft’s CleanSpeak documentation. Each entry in the blacklist has many configuration options to enable the filter to perform different types of actions.

In this tutorial you will learn about blacklist Dictionary. CleanSpeak uses the Dictionary to make intelligent decisions when blacklist entries are found embedded within other texts.

This page provides an outline to apply severity levels and tags to your business requirements. You can jump to other detailed CleanSpeak tutorials and relevant articles below.

Other Resources:

CleanSpeak Tutorial: Working with Blacklist Ignores

CleanSpeak Tutorial: Working with Blacklist Variations

Profanity Filtering 101: Embedding 

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The 3 C's You Don't Want to Miss at GDC 2014

Sean Bryant

Competition is everywhere and the gaming industry is no exception. Never has there been more of a need to create a conversation with a game’s bottom line -  its customer. Why? A game’s life cycle is only as strong as it’s company’s ability to understand the needs and wants of its consumer, the community it creates around the property, and its continuous collaboration.

Customer and QA

When gaming or software companies refer to QA, it is normally defined in the context of code development. Testing occurs the moment a piece of code is written for the property and throughout the development process. Another way QA can be utilized is directly with its users.

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Oppia: Google's New Learning Tool

Anne Collier
  • By Anne Collier
  • Misc
  • March 11, 2014

Google Oppia

This may be the next step beyond tutorials on YouTube, MOOCs (massively open online courses), Google Play for Education and YouTube EDU. It may even be signaling the next step for education. It’s called “Oppia,” and it’s a learning teaching tool. It helps teachers customize what they’re teaching, student by student – by asking the individual learner questions and, “based on how the learner responds to those questions, the teacher decides how to proceed, which questions to ask, how to give feedback and so on,” TechCrunch reports.

Smart Feedback

It’s part of the shift (I hope) we’re seeing away from mass-production education, as it helps tailor the subject to the learner rather than the other way around. “You can think of this as a smart feedback system that tries to ‘teach a person to fish,’ instead of simply revealing the correct answer or marking the submitted answer as wrong,” Google says.

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Pokemon CleanSpeak Testimonial

Sean Bryant

Pokemon CleanSpeak Testimonial

Inversoft prides itself on its ability to create and produce a solution that has helped and continues to satisfy those who use it to drive online engagement. We have  the joy of working with some of the most popular virtual worlds and online communities. It's because of them we continue to learn, grow, and provide the world's premier chat filtering and moderation solution.

One of Pokemon's leading community managers, Mike Liesik, works with hundreds of thousands of users everyday. His ability to interact, engage and manage Pokemon's community is without a doubt a demanding role. CleanSpeak's customizability allows Liesik to create the parameters and workflows his team needs to efficiently manage and moderate one of the world's largest online communities.

"Having the CleanSpeak admin interface certainly helps bring major issues to light immediately. Allowing the staff to be more efficient and effective in reviewing, escalating, and actioning users... The flexibility allows Pokemon to catch false positives quickly so our customers are not getting muted or banned  for no reason"

~ Mike Liesik | Pokemon Community Manager



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