CleanSpeak Tutorial: Working with Blacklist Dictionary

Marshall Bauernfeind
  • By Marshall Bauernfeind
  • CleanSpeak
  • March 16, 2014

Blacklist DictionaryWhen working with Inversoft’s profanity filter, CleanSpeak, the flexibility and thoroughness of  the filter provides multiple tool sets to test, customize and tune the filter to meet your online community needs. CleanSpeak uses a blacklist for both graylist and blacklist filtering as described in the Filtering Concepts section of Inversoft’s CleanSpeak documentation. Each entry in the blacklist has many configuration options to enable the filter to perform different types of actions.

In this tutorial you will learn about blacklist Dictionary. CleanSpeak uses the Dictionary to make intelligent decisions when blacklist entries are found embedded within other texts.

This page provides an outline to apply severity levels and tags to your business requirements. You can jump to other detailed CleanSpeak tutorials and relevant articles below.

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