YouTube Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon

Kelly Strain


The YouTube comments section is a dark place where mindless, offensive words masked with anonymity are the norm; the infamous comments are some of the filthiest found online. YouTube has introduced new comment moderation tools to combat this very issue and tame the trolls. 

YouTube rolls out new tools for better comment moderation

YouTube video creators can now pin comments, choose moderators and define blacklisted words or phrases. Additionally, a new beta feature is available to automatically identify potentially offensive/abusive comments and hold them for review before they are visible to the public.

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CleanSpeak's Advance Image Approval Queue

Image Moderation Just Got Faster

Image Approval Queue

As applications, websites and online communities continue to expand, user generated content becomes difficult to manage. Nonetheless, a moderation solution is critical for sites that rely on users to succeed. Companies often focus on filtering chat, URLs and personally identifiable information. It is important to remember that images can be just as harmful to a brand and its user community.

Uncensored images are making their way to children via various platforms due to deficient moderation or lack of moderation altogether. Seven out of ten youths have accidentally come across pornography online.

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Moderation Teams and Technology: Improving Customer Retention

Brian Pontarelli

It’s common knowledge that online communities and online games have loyal fans and critics alike.  Many web sites utilize social media management tools, moderation services, as well as profanity filters to weed out as many inappropriate comments and behaviors as possible.  But when it comes to online games, the stakes get even higher for performance.  Usage stats from various sources report that online game players spend 22 hours a week playing the game, despiteCustomer retention the fact that half of the players have full-time jobs, are married and nearly one-fourth have kids.  Surprisingly, only one-fourth of players are teens.  The majority are college students, early professionals, middle-aged homemakers and retirees.  Sixty percent of players have reported at least 10 hours of continuous play.

You would think this kind of fanatical devotion to online games would mean loyal customers for life and customer satisfaction levels through the roof.  However, companies have to work more diligently than ever before to keep performance as near to 100% uptime as possible in order to avoid massive backlash from their fans.

Double - Edged Sword

Online game producers need to deliver content patches faster. Players have become much more adept at finishing new content and many gaming companies have struggled to keep up.  This may be a double-edged sword - the need for speed of content development may improve user satisfaction in the short term, while at the same time increasing the probability of bugs and poor performance.  Satisfying customer demand for content could contribute to a company’s downfall since poor game performance directly correlates to negative player experiences and ultimately abandonment as a subscriber.

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3 Fundamental Characteristics of a Successful Community Manager

Sean Bryant

The Role, Value & Character

Successful Community Manager Skill Sets

It is said that, when anyone asks about the ROI of an online community, a unicorn dies. It’s not easy to be a community manager. Each community is different, requiring different skill sets and deliverables based on a company’s strategy and objectives. However, there are 3 fundamental characteristics of a successful community manager that everyone should understand: the role, value and character.

The Role

The role of the community manager stems from creating a public persona for a company’s product or service. It is not merely a customer service position, but an integral part of a company’s growth, strategy and roadmap development. The community manager

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Ask the CEO: Understanding the User Management Tool

Brian Pontarelli

User Management Tool If you're considering building an online community around your company or brand, you're moving in the right direction. Never has there been more of need to engage and interact with your users on a regular and consistent basis. When building an online community, it can be confusing and overwhelming knowing what steps to take, and what resources are available to you when moving forward.

Inversoft's CEO, Brian Pontarelli builds some of the world's most sought after enterprise community management tools. Today he shares his expertise on one of the key components that all successful online communities utilize to help manage their users.

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