Pokemon CleanSpeak Testimonial

Sean Bryant

Pokemon CleanSpeak Testimonial

Inversoft prides itself on its ability to create and produce a solution that has helped and continues to satisfy those who use it to drive online engagement. We have  the joy of working with some of the most popular virtual worlds and online communities. It's because of them we continue to learn, grow, and provide the world's premier chat filtering and moderation solution.

One of Pokemon's leading community managers, Mike Liesik, works with hundreds of thousands of users everyday. His ability to interact, engage and manage Pokemon's community is without a doubt a demanding role. CleanSpeak's customizability allows Liesik to create the parameters and workflows his team needs to efficiently manage and moderate one of the world's largest online communities.

"Having the CleanSpeak admin interface certainly helps bring major issues to light immediately. Allowing the staff to be more efficient and effective in reviewing, escalating, and actioning users... The flexibility allows Pokemon to catch false positives quickly so our customers are not getting muted or banned  for no reason"

~ Mike Liesik | Pokemon Community Manager





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