CleanSpeak UI Update: So Much #@$%!* Better

Bryan Giese

CleanSpeak UI Update

As of April 19, 2018, we released the CleanSpeak UI Update 3.17.0 and we are sure it will get some #@$%!* attention for our profanity filter. More than a %$#*$& font and color update, CleanSpeak 3.17.0 brings improvements and enhancements to our layouts and workflows that make it look cleaner and complete tasks faster for moderators and *&%^*#@ administrators.

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Introducing Our New Website

Kelly Strain

Same Features, More Knowledge.


Our filter is still @#$%* awesome. We still protect your brand. We still help you maintain a clean and productive community. Our core values have not changed, but our website has.

The reason behind this change was pretty simple: education. Based on current customer remarks, we wanted to rethink the structure of our CleanSpeak page, highlight core features and add/expand pages to add value and customization.

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