Chase Mission Main Street Grant: Vote Inversoft

Sean Bryant
  • By Sean Bryant
  • Misc
  • November 4, 2013

Chase Mission Main Street Grant

Inversoft is competing for one of Chase’s Mission Main Street Grants.

Inversoft helps companies make their online communities (forums, games, social networks) safer for kids to engage and grow.

If we win we will be using the money to expand our team within the Denver community, build new products, and make online communities safer.

To qualify for this grant through our bank, we need 250 votes.

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Built In Colorado: Inversoft Keeps Kids Safe

Sean Bryant
  • By Sean Bryant
  • Misc
  • October 31, 2013

Ruth Bremer of Built In Colorado stopped by the office last week and picked our brains. With Inversoft's new software release 'CleanSpeak 2.3' and the speed in which things are moving over here, we're surprised how much information she got out of us. Without further ado ...

Built In Colorado

Inversoft Picks Up Speed

Denver-based Inversoft recently announced the release of CleanSpeak 2.3 profanity filtering and moderation software. CleanSpeak enables community managers to more easily manage and drive engagement in their online communities. The technology is an intelligent, real-time filter that blocks inappropriate content and alerts the company’s moderators to offensive content or behavior. This technology works together with real-time human moderation to provide efficient, cost-effective protection for children and company brands.

Founded in 2008, Inversoft focuses on profanity filtering and moderation software. The company provides products and expert services to protect brands online from the challenges created by the proliferation of user-generated content, including the sharing of personally identifiable information, cyber-bullying, predatory behavior, and other online threats.

“We built the product to protect kids and brands online,” said Marketing Director Sean Bryant. “If you're truly concerned about either, you want to make sure the complete system is consistently effective.” While Inversoft’s rules-based filter approach is a very accurate, high performance solution, computers are still not effective at drawing context from language. “There are some companies trying to use artificial intelligence to pull context from the online conversations, but they just haven't proven reliable enough,” Bryant said. “At Inversoft, we believe the best approach is to combine the technology of an intelligent filter with human moderation to best protect kids and brands online.”

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LinkedIn Adds Teens & University Profiles

Anne Collier
  • By Anne Collier
  • Misc
  • October 22, 2013

LinkedIn has always been the social network site that was closest to the “original” (or pre-Web 2.0) idea of networking – the professional kind. So, since a lot of people start thinking about callings and careers before they’re 18, it makes sense that LinkedIn should be open to high school students.

Last month the social site announced it would open its doors to people 14-17. LinkedIn also announced its new University Pages, which are similar to its company pages. In addition to being able to research the kind of information anyone would find in college and university Web sites, teens, parents and other LinkedIn members will be able to learn about and connect with alumni. It’ll now be “easy to quickly see how a school’s alumni network overlaps with your personal friend network, opening opportunities for an online introduction to a friend of a friend,” reports.

Student's Due Diligence

So for example if a high school student at your house is a musician and wants “to find a great but affordable music conservatory with a good liberal arts program, LinkedIn’s university pages can show you what percentage of a school’s alumni are currently working as musicians, as writers, and as waiters,” Jolie O’Dell at VentureBeat reports. “If I’d had this tool 15 years ago, I could have seen that my college was, in reality, a much better choice for music teachers than performers and nurses or biologists than writers,” she writes.

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Ask the CEO: How Fast is Inversoft's CleanSpeak Chat Filter?

Brian Pontarelli

Chat Filter

Chat Filter Speed

Chat filters come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it's hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premise right next to the application, every online community, chat room, virtual world or forum will look for a chat filtering and or moderation tool set.

Accommodating online user generated content is no longer a choice, it's necessary for any product or brand to stand out from the masses. By creating a space for users, consumers and advocates to share with one another it creates one of the most powerful of marketing strategies: social interaction.

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Complex Objects: Filtering Forum Posts

Brian Pontarelli

Complex Object

Imagine you’re building a community forum for your online property that allows users to submit posts with a title, a body, images and video. Child safety is important to your brand, so you want to disallow forum posts that contain objectionable user generated content in any part of the post.

Chat filters and moderation software, typically deployed to prevent unwanted content in forum posts, require the client’s application to send each individual piece of content for  moderators to determine if it should be posted, rejected, edited or resubmitted. It’s easy to see how tedious a process this can be when having to review all aspects of the blog submission.  The CleanSpeak profanity filter and moderation software has a feature that addresses these submissions as one complex object making it faster and easier for moderators to evaluate and take action on user generated content.

 Complex Objects Solution

  1. All parts of the forum post will be submitted as a single complex object to be filtered
  2. Clients will receive a single response (the response contains information about each individual piece of user generated content)
  3. There is no need for multiple filter and moderation responses
  4. Moderation time is reduced while response time is increased