Ask the CEO: How Fast is Inversoft's CleanSpeak Chat Filter?

Brian Pontarelli

Chat Filter

Chat Filter Speed

Chat filters come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it's hosted in the cloud or deployed on-premise right next to the application, every online community, chat room, virtual world or forum will look for a chat filtering and or moderation tool set.

Accommodating online user generated content is no longer a choice, it's necessary for any product or brand to stand out from the masses. By creating a space for users, consumers and advocates to share with one another it creates one of the most powerful of marketing strategies: social interaction.

Depending on the platform, it may be necessary to implement a chat filtering solution that can handle hundreds, if not thousands of chat messages concurrently.

Take Apple's iMessage, and consider how many people send a text every second. Then multiply that by... (watch the video).


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