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Profanity Filter & Moderation

profanity filter

Profanity Filter

Our profanity filter is $%*&#!@ great. CleanSpeak is highly intelligent and extremely fast to allow significant throughput without hindering the user experience.

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Quickly escalate content requiring human review or automatically score/action users to reduce moderation costs.

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reporting tools


Storing content within CleanSpeak allows you to run several reports that provide insight into common & trending terms and gain a holistic view of your community.

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video image moderation

Image & Video

Our approval queue allows you to quickly scan user-submitted images and videos for objectionable content before they are ever visible in your community.

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cloud server hosting

Cloud or Server

Flexible hosting options allow you to choose the package that best fits your needs and company regulations. Install CleanSpeak on your server or gain instant access via a private cloud hosted and managed by Inversoft. Filtering profanity has never been this easy.

app and google play store

Suffering from App Store Rejection?

Apple and Google Guidelines require a profanity filter and moderation tool to successfully publish your app. CleanSpeak will ensure you meet these requirements quickly. Learn more.

Profanity Delivered

Another $%*&# Case Study

An employee's $%*&# mistake can hit social media and become a publicity nightmare. Papa John's delivered hate speech right to a customer's house. Again.

Now they use CleanSpeak's enterprise-scale filtering and moderation to eliminate profanity and hate speech from receipts.
ubisoft customer
chat profanity filter

Chat / Profanity Filter

The informal nature of chat allows users to speak freely making it a valuable community component. However, the speed of conversation leaves no time for manual moderation and requires a real-time profanity filter you can trust.

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forums reviews

Forums / Reviews

Forums and reviews increase retention rates, foster engagement and encourage product feedback; but the value can quickly be diminished by spam, hate speech, phishing and lewd content. Filter forums and reviews to maintain a positive, thriving environment.

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games apps

Games / Apps

Games encourage players to interact through chat and forum posts. Creating a safe, productive environment for your users is essential. CleanSpeak prevents problem users from disrupting the game and driving away players.

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personally identifiable information


Sharing personally identifiable or personal health information online is not only dangerous, but potentially illegal due to COPPA or HIPAA regulations. Allay your fears with a proven solution.

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customer communication

Customer Communications

Disgruntled employees can do serious damage to your company and brand reputation through various outlets. Avoid multi-million dollar lawsuits and payouts by protecting your customers and employees.

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Don’t be limited by a simple profanity filter that results in too many false positives/negatives. Usernames present a unique situation where a filter with significant built-in intelligence is needed.

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digital display

Digital Displays

In-venue digital displays allow brands to interact through organic content. Capture the authenticity of crowd-sourced content without losing control by implementing the appropriate safeguards to protect your brand.

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kid-focused communities

Kid-Focused Communities

When children are included in your community, stricter rules are often needed. Tune CleanSpeak’s profanity filter to your specific audience, utilize blacklist/whitelist filters and easily ensure COPPA compliance.

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Customers and employees alike can get creative with their language on order forms and delivery requests. Ensure incoming and outgoing communications are clean to maintain the integrity of your brand.

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ubisoft customer

Billing Statement Insults

Another $%*&# Case Study

All customer communications are at risk of costly failures. Read how insults in a billing statement at a well-known media conglomerate cost millions to recover from the bad PR.

Now they save millions using CleanSpeak's enterprise-scale filtering and moderation—the problem is solved.
comcast customer
fitbit customer
kellogg customer
igt customer
cdk global
comcast customer
kellogg customer
igt customer

Some of our customers

We have been working on our profanity filtering technology for over a decade and continue to improve upon it daily.

CleanSpeak is trusted by respected companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations, spanning a wide range of industries including gaming, financial services, healthcare, education, entertainment and consumer goods.

Creating and maintaining a safe environment for your users is our #1 priority.

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