3 Techniques to Protect Against Social Hacking

Brian Pontarelli

Social Hacking

Protect Against Social Hacking

You might have heard about the recent a social hacking  incident of an established cloud-based email provider. The hacker contacted a member of the support staff via phone and convinced them that they were the account owner. Once they had convinced this unsuspecting support person, they convinced them to change the email address on their account (which was of course not actually their account).

This is a classic example of a social hack. Many of you might remember the scene from the movie Hackers where Zero Cool convinced the security guard that we was an employee and got him to read him the phone number for the modem. And if you don’t remember it, check it out on YouTube.

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4 Hidden Integration Costs

Mike King

So you have some new middleware you’d like to integrate with your software and you’re wondering what hidden costs may reveal themselves during the set up process.  Here are four questions you’ll want to consider to avoid unexpected costs.

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Complex Objects: Filtering Forum Posts

Brian Pontarelli

Complex Object

Imagine you’re building a community forum for your online property that allows users to submit posts with a title, a body, images and video. Child safety is important to your brand, so you want to disallow forum posts that contain objectionable user generated content in any part of the post.

Chat filters and moderation software, typically deployed to prevent unwanted content in forum posts, require the client’s application to send each individual piece of content for  moderators to determine if it should be posted, rejected, edited or resubmitted. It’s easy to see how tedious a process this can be when having to review all aspects of the blog submission.  The CleanSpeak profanity filter and moderation software has a feature that addresses these submissions as one complex object making it faster and easier for moderators to evaluate and take action on user generated content.

 Complex Objects Solution

  1. All parts of the forum post will be submitted as a single complex object to be filtered
  2. Clients will receive a single response (the response contains information about each individual piece of user generated content)
  3. There is no need for multiple filter and moderation responses
  4. Moderation time is reduced while response time is increased

Ask the CEO: Pitfalls of AI Based Profanity Filters

Brian Pontarelli

Brian Pontarelli on Artificial Intelligence Systems

You can’t trust an artificial intelligence system to consistently protect your online community from inappropriate content.  All artificial intelligence systems suffer from two critical flaws:

  • Artificial intelligence systems constantly require costly training and retraining
  • Re-training of the artificial intelligence system leads to inconsistent performance

Every such system on the market today suffers from these flaws. In this 2-minute video, Inversoft CEO, Brian Pontarelli, explains why CleanSpeak is a different and more effective technology.

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Disney Infinity: The Digital Toy Box Has Come

Sean Bryant

Take Minecraft, Skylanders, Pixar and Disney and throw them in a blender - you get Disney Infinity. It takes one thing to enjoy that old He-Man figurine or (add favorite toy here), an imagination. Disney Infinity has developed a bold, new, interactive game that seems limitless in its possibilities. From Disney’s franchise character figurines to interactive game play, it seems that the imagination is no longer restricted by mere ones and zeros in the digital world. Children are immediately drawn to the potent mix of beloved characters and the veritable digital sandbox Infinity provides.

The Toy Box

Disney Infinity has two main game plays: Toy Box and Campaign. In Toy Box mode, anything goes. Open ended game play allows the player to build their world as they see fit, while engaging multiple iconic characters across Disney franchises.  You can purchase the figurines as part of a starter pack or individually and you can play the game with or without them. Continue reading