Disney Infinity: The Digital Toy Box Has Come

Sean Bryant

Take Minecraft, Skylanders, Pixar and Disney and throw them in a blender - you get Disney Infinity. It takes one thing to enjoy that old He-Man figurine or (add favorite toy here), an imagination. Disney Infinity has developed a bold, new, interactive game that seems limitless in its possibilities. From Disney’s franchise character figurines to interactive game play, it seems that the imagination is no longer restricted by mere ones and zeros in the digital world. Children are immediately drawn to the potent mix of beloved characters and the veritable digital sandbox Infinity provides.

The Toy Box

Disney Infinity has two main game plays: Toy Box and Campaign. In Toy Box mode, anything goes. Open ended game play allows the player to build their world as they see fit, while engaging multiple iconic characters across Disney franchises.  You can purchase the figurines as part of a starter pack or individually and you can play the game with or without them.  Among the multitude of things you can do in the Toy Box one engaging and exciting feature is actioning sequences or logic objects. When a specific action is taken like scoring a goal, the whole stadium can be programmed to explode in an uproar, setting off fireworks and other exciting events. You can customize every aspect of the virtual world.

Gain with Campaigns

Campaign mode takes you in to the world of the current character you are using and let’s you set out while playing within the confines of their world. Campaigns are great because it allows the user to gain resources and explore creative ideas when Toy Box mode is utilized. The more deeply the user explores the campaign, the more items and tools are unlocked that can be used to build within the Toy Box.

Online Engagement

Disney has even touted it will be holding competitions down the road for users to submit their own Toy Box worlds and game based themes.  With so much room to grow and explore, there is no doubt users will be sharing and engaging with one another in online communities to find those tools within campaigns or to discuss how to build exciting new worlds.

Disney Infinity

It’s important to note, when providing online communities for users to engage and provide their own content, not only is traffic going to increase around the directed IP, but risk also increases. Users come in all shapes and sizes, and not all of them are looking to make friends. Some do nothing but cause problems for others, while making those they offend less likely to return to the forum or chat room.

There is an excellent solution available to the site owner to control these and other unwanted users. By implementing a profanity filter and moderation management solution, companies like Disney are able to monitor and moderate the behavior of participants in the game. While providing real time changes, flagging unwanted content, actioning users and filtering multiple languages at the same time, technology enables the application provider to take the steps necessary to protect its users while providing a healthy and engaging online community, infinitely!


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