Introducing Our New Website

Kelly Strain

Same Features, More Knowledge.


Our filter is still @#$%* awesome. We still protect your brand. We still help you maintain a clean and productive community. Our core values have not changed, but our website has.

The reason behind this change was pretty simple: education. Based on current customer remarks, we wanted to rethink the structure of our CleanSpeak page, highlight core features and add/expand pages to add value and customization.

The results:

  • A deeper understanding and detailed description of our main product features: Profanity Filter, Moderation, Reporting, Image and Video Moderation
  • Common use cases further explored
  • Actionable ‘learn more’ links to hone in on the details that interest you 
  • Frequently asked questions, answered
  • A clean and lightweight design making it easier to find the information you need


But enough about us.

Our newly redesigned website was created with you, our customer, in mind. We want this website to live as more than just another boring product page, but as a resource to educate people on what to look for when seeking a profanity filter. If nothing else, we hope our revamped website sparks interest in features and areas of filtering you might not have thought of.

Call Me, Tweet Me. Take a moment to explore our new site ( and check back regularly as we will continue to update it with recent news. If there is anything you wish to see please get in touch. We want your feedback!