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Common Use Cases

chat use cases


A filter is very important for apps and communities using chat to maintain civility and prevent user abuse. Being an immediate form of communication, there is no time for a moderator to review a chat message and decide whether it should be displayed or not; this makes choosing a high quality filter a key requirement for applications using chat. A cutting-edge filter can keep communication productive and even help guide the behavior of a new users.

Games & Mobile Applications

Games encourage players to interact through chat. Creating a safe, productive environment for your users is essential. CleanSpeak’s filter prevents problem users from disrupting the game and driving away players. In contrast, a poor text filter can cause needless community interruption resulting is massive user attrition and backlash. The filter becomes the focus of users rather than your game.

forums and reviews use cases

Forums / Reviews

Giving users the ability to post within a community is key to a business’s online presence. Forums and reviews foster engagement and encourage product feedback, but the value can quickly be diminished by spam, hate speech, phishing and the like.

There’s one fact that all successful community managers will immediately agree upon: Forums and reviews require moderation. The success of this type of user-generated content relies heavily on the quality of content contributed. User retention along with new user acquisition suffers when inappropriate or irrelevant content is posted. Implementing a profanity filter not only keeps the content free of profanity, it can also help ensure conversations and reviews are useful and maintain their integrity.

CleanSpeak is built to accurately remove objectionable content to maintain a safe and productive space.

kid focused communities use cases

Kid-Focused Communities

Apps, games and communities that are targeted towards children need stringent rules to ensure proper behavior is maintained.

CleanSpeak was originally designed for a kids game and we have extensive experience in this area. Many categories in our blacklist of bad words/phrases are targeted to prevent inappropriate behavior that is often prevalent in kids communities (e.g., bullying, grooming, abuse).

For very young audiences (typically under 12) we have a whitelist filter whereby ONLY those words can be used in the community. This essentially reverses the blacklist methodology. Rather than keeping the bad stuff out, a whitelist only lets the good stuff in.

Specific laws, like COPPA, detail the requirements and penalties for sharing of PII. Avoid multimillion dollar lawsuits and payouts by protecting your community with a proven solution.

personally identifiable information use cases

Personally Identifiable or Personal Health Information

Sharing personally identifiable or personal health information online can be dangerous and, for companies, potentially illegal due to COPPA/HIPAA regulations. We understand that compliance is a difficult issue to tackle alone which is why we offer a product that provides a simple solution to this complex issue.

Companies must be able to prevent children from sharing PII to ensure COPPA compliance.  CleanSpeak comes with pre-built lists of common words and phrases that are related to PII. By implementing this feature you can ensure that type of information (addresses, phone numbers, etc) is not shared.

Similarly, sharing of PHI is a health-sector specific privacy concern that companies need to be aware of.

customer communications use cases

Customer Communications

Companies utilize several methods to interact with their clients.  From billing statements to online chat assistance, there are areas where customers and disgruntled employees alike can do serious damage to your company and brand reputation.

A well-known company had a serious incident on their hands when one of their customer service representatives changed a customer’s name from “John Smith” to “A!@hole Smith” after a heated phone call.

Occurrences like this can result in customer attrition, litigation costs and loss of revenue. Don’t wait for something to happen - we’ve seen this too many times. Proactively protect your brand. We have a significant amount of experience working with brands to prevent PR disasters.


Retail presents a specific use case within the umbrella of customer communications. In the retail industry, order forms and custom delivery requests are frequently used. Customers and employees have the freedom to add their own language and you want to insure both incoming and outgoing communications are clean to maintain the integrity of your brand.

usernames use cases


In online communities it is common for members to want to create online personas that enable them to express themselves and establish an online social identity. By allowing users to choose unique (and public) usernames to represent the personas they aim to create, you encourage repeat interaction and engagement with the community. While it is vital to encourage this, it is also important to ensure public usernames remain appropriate for your environment.

Usernames present a unique use case as they aren’t “typical” words that would be used in standard communication. Oftentimes words and numbers are included in a username, like iFyouSeeK123. This can present a significant problem for a simple filter, resulting in either too many false positives or false negatives, ultimately frustrating your users.

The CleanSpeak Username Filter implements advanced language analysis and more aggressive rules without modifications to your filter, ensuring that only appropriate names are allowed.

digital displays use cases

Digital Displays

In-venue digital displays allow brands to interact via crowd-sourced content (e.g. a live Twitter feed at a sporting event). Organic user-generated content is an extremely valuable marketing tactic with huge growth potential that should be utilized. Capture the authenticity of social impact without losing control of the content by implementing CleanSpeak as your safeguard.

This list of use cases is not exhaustive. Don’t see something you need? We would love to discuss how CleanSpeak can help you.

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