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CleanSpeak comes with built-in reporting tools to extract meaningful insights from your user content. Use these reports and analytics to better understand your community and improve overall business performance.

reporting tools


Our reporting tools translate raw data into easy to consume charts and graphs. They deliver an accurate and objective view of your community.

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Every action that a moderator takes is recorded within CleanSpeak. You can run this report to show a summary of the various actions that moderators take (e.g., Approvals, Dismissals, Edits, User Actions). With this information you can verify that your policies are being enforced appropriately by your moderation team and make any changes necessary.

Content Filtering

This report breaks down the matches that CleanSpeak finds based on tag and severity. With this information you can see how changes to your blacklist or rules have affected the use of inappropriate content.

Top Offenders/Producers

Quickly see who the problem users are within your community. From here you can choose to take any user action you deem necessary.  You can also see who creates the most content within your community. We tend to look at filtering and moderation in a negative light, but that is not always the case. While it is important to discipline certain users, it is equally as important to reward valuable users. This helps to reduce user churn and maintain engagement. Maybe you want to publish a blog post thanking your most active members? Using the Top Producer report will cultivate that list.


Have you ever wondered what's trending in your online community this week? Analytics takes the raw data from the reports and transforms it into helpful insights. Our preset analytics provide answers to questions tailored to your audience.

common terms analytics

Common Terms

Simply put, this report will show you the most common words people are using in your community. We have excluded a large majority of the very common English words (e.g., “a”, “the”, “an”) to produce more helpful, fine grained results. You can always add additional exclusions to focus on the content that is most interesting to you. A customizable date range helps to refine your search.

trending terms analytics

Trending Terms

Similar to the Common Terms report, Trending Terms will show you the words that show the highest relative change in usage. This will identify the subject of many posts within a short period of time.

related terms analyitcs

Related Terms

This report allows you to search for certain terms to see how they are being used. For example, if you just released version 2.2 of your game/app you can search “2.2” to see what related terms arise. If the related terms are positive like “great” then you have received good feedback. If “sucks” is often used, maybe you have some annoyed customers and you will want to revisit the changes that you have made. Another useful search term is “help”.  By doing this search, you can gain insight into areas where users are looking for answers and better assist them moving forward.

If there are other reporting tools that would be helpful to you please let us know!

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