At times, you will want to further review content to ensure it is appropriate for your community. This is where Moderation comes into play. Combine human and automated moderation for the most effective solution.

human automated moderation

Moderation Queue

When defining your Filter Rules you can choose to have certain categories Queued for Approval or Generate an Alert. Selecting either of these options will put that content into a Moderation Queue.

Queue for Approval

This selection is for content that you want to have someone review/edit/approve before going live in your community.

Generate Alerts

Choosing this option will let the content through and then put it into a queue for someone to review at a later time. This is a less stringent method of moderation. Within this option you can choose to either alert on the content itself or the user that generated the content.

cleanspeak moderation queue

User-Based Features

user scoring actioning feature

User Scoring/Actioning

Without question, there will be problem users in your community that will need to be disciplined (for lack of a better word!). CleanSpeak provides the ability to have this done systematically or manually. Some clients would prefer to have CleanSpeak do as much work as possible to keep their moderation costs down. If that is your preferred method, setting up User Score adjustments & Automated User Actions that CleanSpeak will take automatically is your best option. If you’d prefer to have a person review users and take any necessary action then using the Moderation queue will work best for you.

automated rules feature

Automated Rules

Within CleanSpeak you will create Applications.  Think of Applications as different content sources (e.g., chat messages, forum posts, usernames, etc.). CleanSpeak allows you to set up rules for each Application. For instance, you can set up your rules so that many filter matches in Chat are rejected while others are replaced with ****; for Forum posts you can queue certain matches for approval and generate alerts on matches that can be considered questionable.  This level of granularity prevents the need for a “one size fits all” set of rules. Customization has been key for our customers.

email templates feature

Email Templates

Email templates are used to generate emails for user actioning, via either automated or human actions. CleanSpeak’s email template builder allows you to create rich email templates with full localization support, further automating your moderation workflow. Informing users when they have been actioned can be a helpful way to keep them informed and prevent future bad behavior.

content storage user search feature

Content Storage / User Search

Storing content in CleanSpeak gives you the ability to search for specific content or users.  If a new term is suddenly showing up in your community you can quickly search for it to see how it is being used.  A quick search for a user can bring you to their profile page so you can see their history. Visit Reporting to see what else you can do with content stored in CleanSpeak.

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