Overview of features in Cleanspeak

A quick list of many of the most popularly used features available in the Cleanspeak moderation suite

Cleanspeak is a moderation software suite that helps content teams:

  • Scan their content for violations per their guidelines
  • Facilitate automated actions to the content and users, based on rules designed by your team
  • Review content via moderation queues
  • Flag content based on customizable filters
  • Manage your filtering lists 
  • Configure URL filtering whitelists 
  • Approve and reject filter list changes 
  • Review content via machine learning models (text, image, video)
  • Calibrate Machine Learning models to your brand’s preferences
  • Work user alert queues 
  • Work approval queues 
  • Manage escalations 
  • Search for users 
  • Search for content 
  • Configure different rulesets for different moderation applications 
  • Automate User Reputation Scoring 
  • Manage global configuration 
  • Manage users (admins and moderators) 
  • View and export reports