Disney Infinity 2.0 Revealed

Sean Bryant
  • By Sean Bryant
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  • April 30, 2014

Disney Infinity 2.0 Let’s keep it a little playful today. The Disney franchise has existed for over 9 decades, successfully and continuously creating engaging properties and childhood memories.

Disney Infinity

In 2013 Disney launched its new interactive platform, Disney Infinity, allowing users to play as their favorite Disney characters. Infinity has taken it to the next level. Players can build their own worlds, create interactive gameplay with every character (currently on the platform), and explore a world with infinite possibilities. Disney has quite practically built the digital toy box, successfully moving the creative game play from the living room floor to the digital world.

Live Event Unveiling

Today, President of Disney Interactive, James Pitaro presented a live event revealing exciting new developments and additions to the Disney Infinity platform. Rather than telling you all the details and the awesome new characters that are to be introduced in Disney’s Infinity 2.0 launch, a bullet point and video has been provided below.

What to Expect With the Fall 2014 2.0 Launch


  • All old and new characters are compatible and can interact with each other
  • Flying is being introduced as well as locomotion (increased skills and movement capabilities)
  • Power disks work across platform
  • Complete toy box integration and old base compatibility
  • New and bigger immersive world gameplay and themes
  • PS4 and XBOX One console integration
  • 6 new characters with a DOZEN more to come!

  To date, Disney Infinity has successfully sold over 3 million units (starter packs), and has sold an estimated $500 million in global retail. Disney has successfully launched an interactive platform that allows immersive gameplay, multiplayer engagement and the ability to allow its advocates to share their own creative world's with one another. It is safe to say, Disney Infinity's platform and development roadmap looks “infinite”. Watch the live recorded Disney Infinity 2.0 Live Event video here. You might see some surprise guests!

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