Denver Startup Week: Day 2

Sean Bryant
  • By Sean Bryant
  • Culture
  • September 18, 2013

The Mission of the Entrepreneur

What we do as entrepreneurs is art. "It's hard because there is no map," says Seth Godin. This is uncharted territory, no predictive algorhythms exist, no outline for success. If there was, the art we create would be just another Monet painted by number.

The industrial age fades as we develop and identify our own voices. The microphones we use to make noise and share our 'art' comes with a WiFi  connection, and the art we make is to bring all of us closer together.

You stand in your own way. The thing that holds you back is fear. Don't wait for others, just start... you will figure it out.

"The real mission as an entrepreneur is to delight and overwhelm the weird... this 'tribe' can't imagine going forward without you."

~ Seth Godin


The second annual Denver Startup Week is here and it’s overflowing with ambitious, driven and hungry entrepreneurs. There’s not a block in Denver you won’t see a startup T’shirt within the crowd.

Over 5,000 people have registered and over 125 meetings and sessions are taking place over the next week. There is buzz that Denver Startup Week in time will rival the highly successful SXSWi.

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