Inversoft to Prevent Foul Language in Russian Social Networks

Sean Bryant
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  • August 1, 2013

Foul Language

Inversoft initiates conversations with Russia regarding the ban of foul language from social networks.


State Duma Deputy Yelena Mizulina, chair woman of the Committee on Family, Women and Children has put forth efforts to regulate foul language and profanity in social networks and other forms of UGC mediums.

Sites choosing not to delete posted profanity and vulgar content will be blocked within 24 hours.

“Protection of Children from Information Harmful to their Health and Development” law initiative was put in to place September 1st, 2012. Shining light on banned sites innapropriate for children - websites, service providers, media programs now come with special marks restricting specific ages from viewing or engaging.

Associate Professor of the Moscow Regional Bar, Sergei Smirnov, shares his thoughts on Mizulina’s proposal -

“The scientific and technological progress is advancing, people communicate not only in the real world, but also in the virtual world. Children and students often use the Internet. For some, the Internet is half of their life. So, it's time to initiate and adopt such amendments. I think the idea of deputy Mizulina is relevant and timely.”

Foul Language Filter

Inversoft, the developer of CleanSpeak will begin talks with Russian representatives to see how the world’s premier profanity filtering and moderation solution can help with the “Protection of Children” initiative

CleanSpeak is a sophisticated real-time profanity filter, which can filter obscenities, ascii art, emails, URLs, phone numbers and much more while providing automated conjugations and inflections in any language.

Current language support is provided for English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish and Russian.

Inversoft's CleanSpeak technology seamlessly integrates with applications and is currently deployed on Nival - A Russian independent strategy game development company.

For more details on the Russian “Protection of Children” initiative click here.

Questions on CleanSpeak or to schedule a demo click here.


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