We’ll See You At GDC!

Blair Ewalt

We’ll See You At GDC!

The Game Developers Conference brings the game development community together. This year there will be thousands of attendees in San Francisco, CA the week of March 21st. The CleanSpeak team will be among them, and we’d love to see you.

Why The Team Is Attending

Profanity filtering and moderation for user-generated content has always been difficult. Throw in a global user base using multiple languages and it gets even more complicated. While AI has been promised to solve this problem for years, the reality is that automation can help, but will never be perfect because language and communities are always evolving.

Our team will additionally be able to speak about about:

  • Identity Providers offering out of the box single sign-on with major gaming platforms such as XBox, Steam, and PS5
  • The ability to scale to millions of user profiles and thousands of logins per second

We also have a number of customers in the gaming space. While it’s nice to hop on a video chat with them any time to support their implementations, it’ll be great to meet in person, share a beverage, and chat face to face.

We’re looking forward to some sessions. Exciting options include “The Art of the Big Con”, “Storytelling is Design” and “‘Age of Empires IV’: Machine Learning Trials and Tribulations”. This isn’t everything that is interesting to us; there are a lot of great talks and events happening! And let’s not forget the hallway track. You can’t beat the in-person experience for spontaneous connection and conversation.

Find us in a couple of places:

  • We have a booth in the Expo hall, which will be open Wednesday to Friday. We’re between the Arcade Play and the Connect Lounge areas. If you are using the online GDC map, our booth number is “P1857”. Brave the madness and come say hi for a demo, to chat about the intricacies of the Authorization Code grant, or to sign up to win a Lego set, an Oculus Quest, or a PS5.
  • The FusionAuth founder and CTO, Brian Pontarelli is talking on Thursday about the intricacies of profanity filtering from a business perspective. He’ll walk through what the difference between filtering and moderation is, where profanity filtering makes sense, special considerations for communities aimed at children, and how to have humans and software systems work together to protect users. He’ll also cover some common filtering concepts, including block lists, flagging and more.
  • We’ll be out and about as well. Send us a note via our contact form or tweet/DM Brian.

Happy GDCing!