New Year, New Home:!

Bryan Giese

New Year, New Home:!

Since 2007 CleanSpeak has been the best profanity filter & moderation platform trusted by companies like Comcast, Ubisoft, YouNow, Fiverr and many more. All this time you’ve been able to find us at, our parent company whose talented developers build both CleanSpeak and FusionAuth, a free web-scale authentication and user identity management platform. As of 2019, we stand proudly at our own URL -! Why the change?

What Happened?

Was there some sort of corporate restructuring? A vicious IP battle? A venture-capitalist backed stockholder overthrow? No, sorry, nothing that dramatic—we just wanted to simplify things. It didn’t make sense to tell people who were interested in CleanSpeak to go to the Inversoft site, so we won’t anymore. Nothing else has changed–we have the same talented developers, same office, and even the same coffee maker. So from now on when you need the best profanity filtering & user moderation platform in the known universe, you can come straight here: Now when you need the best profanity filtering & user moderation platform in the known universe, come straight here:

Do Need A Profanity Filter?

Hell yes. Every business should have a profanity filter like CleanSpeak to scan text and images provided by customers, guests, and employees. As the number of contributors and editors of content increases, so does the amount of risk. Even an isolated incident can quickly escalate into a world-wide PR nightmare that costs millions of dollars in time and effort to repair.

CleanSpeak eliminates the $%*&# that is submitted in text, images, or video that other platforms simply don’t catch. Funny thing is that even though they are less accurate and have fewer moderation features, they aren’t shy about charging you more. Go figure. CleanSpeak can even handle high volume, troll-prone chats and forums that attract the most creative attempts to obscure profanity and imagery.

In addition, we can filter and moderate input most companies never consider a risk: the data that employees have access to every day. Here are two perfect examples of very expensive filtering failures:

Profanity Delivered - Papa John’s

Papa John's case study

An employee’s mistake unintentionally allowed Papa John’s to deliver offensive remarks on a customer’s receipt. Again. As soon as it hit social media it became a publicity nightmare. Now they use CleanSpeak to protect their internal system from offensive content and have dramatically reduced their issues and risk.

Read the Papa John’s case study

Billing Statement Insults - Massive Media Co.

Massive Media Company case study

A customer support representative gets frustrated with an angry customer and edits their account. Read how insults in a billing statement at a well-known media conglomerate cost millions to recover from the bad PR and lawsuits. Now they save millions using CleanSpeak’s enterprise-scale filtering and moderation and the risk of frustrated employee input is eliminated.

Read the Massive Media case study

Learn More About CleanSpeak

For over a decade CleanSpeak has been protecting startups to Fortune 500 companies against profanity, racial slurs, hate speech, pornography, violence, trolls, bullies and much more. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, we serve a wide range of industries including gaming, financial services, healthcare, education, entertainment and consumer goods. CleanSpeak is designed to be flexible and powerful, protecting your brand without getting in the way of your business goals. Find out more about CleanSpeak and sign up for a free trial today.

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