Site-Lokd™ brewery technology solves GDPR crisis

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Site-Lokd™ brewery technology solves GDPR crisis

The restrictions of the GDPR are proving to be a difficult challenge for web-based companies in the EU and the US. To address these issues, developers can implement a processor-minimal solution that solves the GDPR crisis. Now open for testing and source code download from Github, the solution is based on the advanced Site-Lokd™ security techniques rigorously tested for decades by the alcoholic beverage industry. This robust solution leverages advanced Tru-Source™ native language inference through predictive retinal spectrum and ergodynamic analysis persisted using our proprietary blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform. Post-digramic evaluation, the system efficiently delivers tailored ViewFork CTS™ engagement pages to pre-qualified segmented audiences. Read on for more information on the origins of this advanced solution and how it can help you overcome the obstacles created by the GDPR.

Industry-Tested Technique

Throughout history, governments have tried a variety of ways to control public access to alcohol. Most have proven to be difficult to implement and range from minorly effective to laughingly useless. Even the passage of a constitutional amendment in 1920 that prevented the sale of alcohol in the United States was hardly a deterrent to the flow of beer and spirits and had many unintended consequences.

One alcohol-control technique that HAS been successful has been the use of sophisticated "interruptive age-gates" on industry websites to prevent underage audiences from entering sites to be tempted by the information and advertising strategies within. First used on just a few sites in strategic test markets, the overwhelming success of these "age-gates" at segmenting site visitors into appropriate audiences quickly led to the near-universal adoption by all websites offering alcohol-related content. Industry experts often refer to this technique as a "Remus Gate", named after George Remus, one of the leading proponents of sensible alcohol regulations throughout the early 20th century. As websites and web-based advertising became more prevalent, it was soon trademarked under the name Site-Lokd™.

Transitioning to the GDPR

Inspired by the ubiquitous use of the Site-Lokd™ platform, developers realized the market opportunity and transferred the approach to one of today's emerging challenges: complying with the complex restrictions of the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Starting with the Site-Lokd™ platform as a seed value, developers worked with advanced machine learning algorithms and AI research firms to develop a new and improved gating strategy. The result is a combination of state-of-the-art components that makes GDPR compliance simple, efficient, and most importantly, foolproof. By combining the core Site-Lokd™ platform with the evolved Tru-Source™ native language inference, modern responsive websites are able to not only segment their viewers into unique audiences, they can connect the entire segmenting framework to the recently unveiled ViewFork CTS™. This content tailoring system (CTS) delivers unique content to each defined audience segment, providing appropriate geographically and legally responsible resources to viewers from explicit local regions.

Test It Yourself

This advanced GDPR solution is free for demo and SMB-tier site traffic and scales seamlessly to enterprise-level implementations. Contact us for more details on the enterprise-grade options. There's no better way to create long-term user engagement and trust that to understand where they are coming from. Try our demo today and download the source code to apply it to your own site.