YouTube Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon

Kelly Strain

YouTube Jumps on the Moderation Bandwagon

The YouTube comments section is a dark place where mindless, offensive words masked with anonymity are the norm; the infamous comments are some of the filthiest found online. YouTube has introduced new comment moderation tools to combat this very issue and tame the trolls. 

YouTube rolls out new tools for better comment moderation

YouTube video creators can now pin comments, choose moderators and define blacklisted words or phrases. Additionally, a new beta feature is available to automatically identify potentially offensive/abusive comments and hold them for review before they are visible to the public.

[caption id="attachment_7729" align="aligncenter" width="640"]comment moderation Image: YouTube[/caption]

Similarly, Instagram introduced a keyword moderation tool to keep comments safe by implementing a personalized blacklist.

Sound familiar?

You might recognize these techniques because the are the very foundation of our robust profanity filtering and moderation tool: CleanSpeak. These recent changes made by Instagram and YouTube highlight a global push to combat online harassment, a mission Inversoft took on over a decade ago.

Companies are acknowledging the need for community moderation and recognizing the value of pre-built solutions. Using the right tool can make filtering/managing comments, eliminating trolls and reducing spam quick and easy.

It’s not too late

While YouTube’s recent changes should have happened years ago, they are still just as important today. It is not too late to implement content moderation. We expect other online services, sites and applications to follow suit.

If you have user-generated content, you need a filtering and moderation solution. Don't wait, test out CleanSpeak free today!

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