CleanSpeak's Advance Image Approval Queue

Image Moderation Just Got Faster

Image Approval Queue

As applications, websites and online communities continue to expand, user generated content becomes difficult to manage. Nonetheless, a moderation solution is critical for sites that rely on users to succeed. Companies often focus on filtering chat, URLs and personally identifiable information. It is important to remember that images can be just as harmful to a brand and its user community.

Uncensored images are making their way to children via various platforms due to deficient moderation or lack of moderation altogether. Seven out of ten youths have accidentally come across pornography online.

Type of material youth encounter when unwanted exposure to pornography occurs:

  • Naked people (86%)
  • People having sex (37%)
  • Violent pictures (13%)

(Source: Internet Safety 101)

Image Approval Queue

The developers of CleanSpeak have built the Image Approval Queue with that in mind. Our team is dedicated to solving this pervasive issue by simplifying the image moderation process for companies of all sizes. We understand that self-regulation and community review are not always successful methods of moderation. We also understand that individually reviewing each image to identify pornographic, violent and offensive images in large volumes is a consuming task.

The Image Approval Queue alleviates this stressor by revolutionizing the way you moderate and manage images. We worked closely with industry experts to build a system that scales with user generated content allowing moderators to approve huge volumes of images fast. We also studied eye strain and other environmental stress factors and incorporated our findings into the Image Approval Queue to provide the best moderation experience possible.

The pre-approval queue allows moderators to approve or reject content before it is visible to other users, eliminating unnecessary risk. Simply integrate your application to send content to the pre-approval queue and approve or reject each one. The option to escalate the content to a manger is also available if needed.

This short video demonstrates how to use CleanSpeak’s Image Approval Queue using only the keyboard.

One moderator can approve around 3600 images per hour. With a team of 5 moderators and our new technology, your company can easily and accurately moderate 18,000+ images per hour. The speed at which you can now moderate user submitted images improves the productivity of your moderation team and allows them to tackle other issues.


  • Real-time image moderation
  • Simple and effective layout
  • Keyboard compatibility  
  • Options to enlarge, comment or quickly escalate images for further review
  • Coming Soon:
    • Image Deduplication
    • Google Cloud Vision Integration


  • Cost-effective
  • Speed and throughput
  • Scalable
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Protect your brand’s reputation and prevent a PR disaster
  • Foster a safe community for your users
  • Decrease user attrition

For further documentation on the CleanSpeak Image Approval Queue, click here.

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Coming Soon: Image Deduplication & Google Cloud Vision Integration

Image de-duplication will eliminate the hassle of moderating repetitious images by uniquely identifying an image. Once the image has been moderated we can automatically apply the same action (e.g. recurring Tumblr pictures).

Additionally, we are working to tightly integrate the Google Cloud Vision API into CleanSpeak. This technology will classify images into categories, thus automating the process and minimizing manual requirements. Moderation costs will be further reduced and efficiency maximized.

Read more about the Google Cloud Vision API here and stay tuned for news on the release of our image moderation trifecta.