Filtering Content - What you don’t know, will hurt you.

Kelly Strain


A healthy and engaged online community is critical to a company’s success. This is a hot topic amongst CMGRs and top industry influentials and while most people can agree on the importance of a branded online community not all agree on the path to achieving this safe environment.

If you have an active online community, you already know that not every user is a good user. Trolls, bullies and URL spam inherently present problems and there will be consequences if you simply ignore the issue.

Players who experience in-game toxicity are up to 320% more likely to quit playing the game - Riot Game Research (One click tweet!)

 Many vendors are entering the community forum software space, yet people are rarely addressing intelligent content filtering features. As a community gets larger these issues are increasingly present. A sophisticated filtering tool is essential and should be a standard feature in community platforms, yet few vendors combine these services.


CEO, Brian Pontarelli of Inversoft dives deeper into this topic, tackles moderation issues and talks filtering technology trends with Patrick O’Keefe on Community Signal’s weekly podcast.

Online Community Software Must Improve Upon the Word Censor

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