CleanSpeak 3.0 Release & Updates

Mike King

CleanSpeak 3.0 Features

We are pleased to announce the release of CleanSpeak 3.0. This is the largest and most significant release of CleanSpeak yet. It is packed with features and improvements that make it even faster and easier to use. You can even use Google login with CleanSpeak.  Let’s dig into some of the other new features.


CleanSpeak now fully supports BBCode. You can send CleanSpeak BBCode and it will properly filter and analyze it for profanity and other unwanted content. It will also correctly handle BBCode attributes that might also contain profanity. CleanSpeak will render the BBCode in queues and search results and can be configured to include the custom BBCode tags from your forum.  Finally, you can configure how BBCode is filtered and rendered in CleanSpeak.

User Scoring

CleanSpeak now tracks a user's score over time and allows you to configure how scores are adjusted - and adjust them - directly from the CleanSpeak Management Interface based on filter rules, user flags or content flags.  You can also configure how CleanSpeak reduces a user's negative score when they produce good content.

User Actions

User actions can now be time-based, which allows CleanSpeak to manage the start and end of a discipline for you.  CleanSpeak can also manage whether or not a user is notified when they are actioned (this is a flag passed through to your application).  You can extend, reduce or cancel time-based user actions, as well as localize them to other languages.  Plus, you can still have "key" based user actions for things like messaging and rewards.

Automated Actions

You can now take automatic actions on a user with CleanSpeak based on a user's score and you can map different user score thresholds to different actions.

User Flagging

CleanSpeak can now manage user flags (also called user reporting).  Whenever a user reports another user for bad behavior, your application can pass that through to CleanSpeak.

User Action Reasons

When a moderator actions a user, they can now select from a list of reasons for the action.  CleanSpeak will pass the reason along in the notification so that it can be used by your application or sent on to the user.  These reasons can be localized to other languages.

Content Flagging

Similar to user flags, CleanSpeak can also manage content flags. This occurs whenever a user reports a specific piece of content (forum post, etc.) from another user.

User Queuing

In 3.0, alerts are now organized by users instead of by content.  Now only a single moderator can work on a single user at a time and they can view all of the alerts, flags, and history of that user.  This improvement reduces the collisions caused by 2+ moderators working on the same user at the same time.

User Detail Pop-ups

The user details presentation has been improved and no longer opens a new tab or window when clicked on.  User details are presented in a pop-up box and includes historical content and action logs for the user.  You can now action users directly from the user details view anywhere in the CleanSpeak Management Interface.  Plus, you can extend, reduce or cancel an action from the details view, which is pretty cool when you think about it.

Simplified Application Configuration

We removed the hierarchy of Applications and Components and simplified this to just an Application.  This makes configuration and integration much easier.  Plus, you also gain more flexibility and granularity when managing content, users and moderators across Applications.


If you’re using an older version of CleanSpeak or even some inferior filtering technology, it’s time to upgrade.  The best profanity filtering and moderation software on the market just keeps getting better.  Inversoft is investing in the technology you need today and for the future.  Try your free 2-week trial of CleanSpeak 3.0 today.