Gather Forum Software Update: Maintenance Mode

Daniel DeGroff

Gather Maintenance ModeWith the release of Gather 0.1.7 we have focused on a few areas to reduce friction during installation.

Maintenance Mode

We are introducing the concept of Maintenance Mode in Gather. During startup Gather will enter Maintenance Mode when database configuration is necessary.

For example, as long as you have a MySQL or PostgreSQL database available, the database portion of the installation can be skipped. Upon startup Gather will enter Maintenance Mode and will alert the user that additional configuration needs to be performed. By providing Gather with the super user credentials to your database it is able to create the necessary database schema and bootstrap itself.


We have also updated our installation zip bundles to include the necessary version of Java runtime. By bundling Java with all of our installation packages we have removed another requirement and installation step to get Gather up and running.

We are iterating quickly and will continue to make ease of use a priority of Gather.