Join Our EAP: Gather Forum Software

Mike King

Gather Forum SoftwareForum Software

The team at Inversoft is pleased to announce the Early Access Program (EAP) for Gather – The Future of Forum Software. By joining the Gather EAP, you will be able to download a full version of Gather, install it, and kick the tires. You’ll also get access to pre-release updates that will include new features and fixes. This gives you the chance to try new features before they are released.

How to Join

It’s easy to join the EAP – just complete This Form to create your account and get access to a EAP license and the Gather downloads. Once you download Gather, read through our Installation Guide to get it setup. You can also check out our API Documentation to learn about the Gather’s API that will change the way you think about forums.

Any Feedback?

We’d love to hear any feedback you have about the product, its features, the configuration process or the documentation.  Please send your thoughts to us at  We look forward to hearing from you.

You can also stay in touch with us by following us on Twitter or reading our Blog for product related updates and information.


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