Inversoft CEO Nominated for APEX Awards Entrepreneur of the Year

Mike King

Brian Pontarelli APEX Awards Entrepreneur of the YearBrian Pontarelli is a moneymaker. That’s why he is an outstanding businessman and why he was nominated for the APEX Entrepreneur of the Year award. In a time when many entrepreneurs come up with an idea, secure funding and then build a product hoping to create a market, Brian flipped the script. He built a product the market needs, secured paying customers and built a cash-flow-positive business to lay the foundation for future product development and consistent growth.

A solution to a problem

Brian built the software called CleanSpeak to solve the problem of offensive and unwanted user-generated content on the Internet and then founded his company, Inversoft. This enterprise software is an intelligent filtering and moderation solution used by brands like Disney, Activision and E-Trade to protect their users online from profanity, bullying and other offensive behavior. CleanSpeak is an on-premise solution that works consistently providing the ultimate in security, performance and customizability.

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As Brian’s company compiled an impressive list of iconic customers, he built a team to continue the growth and expand the product offering.  The company now boasts three complimentary products that solve related problems.  Gather, community forum software eliminates the inflexibility of clunky forum solutions on the market.  Customers can build a branded online community that easily integrates with related third party tools like analytics engines, chat servers & e-commerce systems, because Gather is built as an API first.  Inversoft also offers a user management system called Passport that makes it easy for a company to manage users across multiple applications with a single sign-on.

The proof is in the pudding

Inversoft’s products are intelligently designed and professionally built, but the most impressive thing about this company is the way it was built.  Brian’s company has been cash-flow-positive from the beginning and remains so despite aggressive product development and growth objectives.  Like any entrepreneur, Brian has organized and operated Inversoft while taking on greater than normal risks, but he has done it wisely and unlike many entrepreneurs he has retained a very high level of ownership and control of the business.  Inversoft is a cool company with great products and a fun culture – the company is poised for impressive long-term success because of the path chosen by its founder.

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