Pokemon Testimonial: CleanSpeak Attributes

Sean Bryant

CleanSpeak Attributes

Inversoft takes pride in developing solutions that compliment the goals of clients and their online engagement, including some of the most popular virtual worlds and online communities. From consistent collaboration with clients, Inversoft continues to learn, grow, and provide the world’s premier chat filtering and moderation solution.

Last month Inversoft shared a testimonial from Pokemon. Lead community manager, Mike Liesik, shared his insights on how CleanSpeak helps drive online engagement. Although his time was limited, we were lucky enough to get a wealth of feedback from him.

This week we drill down into CleanSpeak attributes that are particularly helpful for Pokemon to manage its online community. Learn the importance of making filter list updates in real-time and being able to quickly review chat conversations in context. Check out the video for details and contact us to learn what features might be most relevant for your community!

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