Animal Jam CleanSpeak Testimonial

Sean Bryant

Animal Jam Testimonial

Inversoft prides itself on its ability to create and produce a solution that has helped and continues to satisfy those who use it to drive online engagement. We have the joy of working with some of the most popular virtual worlds and online communities. It’s because of them we continue to learn, grow, and provide the world’s premier chat filtering and moderation solution.

Director of online engagement for National Geographic's Animal Jam, Joi Podgorny, engages and grows with her community everyday. It's no surprise that Animal Jam's extensive online playground for kids needs a technology that is quick, reliable and flexible. Not merely to safeguard its users, but to allow features like safe or dictionary chat, allowing kids to express themselves more openly without the worries of  unwanted content.

"We needed to have a strong filter tool that would be the very first line of defense as well as be COPPA compliant. I have a very high maintenance way I like to manage my filter and CleanSpeak is the only chat filtering tool that allows me to manage it at that level."

  ~  Joi Podgorny  | Director of Community Engagement

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