3 Things You Missed at Digital Kids Conference

Sean Bryant

Digital Kids Conference

You have designed, produced and delivered a product that fits the demographic of 13 years and younger. There is no question in your mind that the product will flourish and be the next Duncan Yo-Yo, Pet Rock or Candy Crush. All you need now are customers and, possibly, an online community. Rather than throwing open that door with guns blazing and adding to the perpetual noise in social media, it’s time for research. The Digital Kids Conference at Toy Fair in New York is exactly that.

Digital Kids provides detailed insight on how to create best-selling digital toys, games and media services for kids. The conference is a great way to network with industry experts, learn product design, marketing techniques, monetization strategy and online safety practices. Here are 3 things you missed at the Digital Kids Conference this year.

 Trendy Toys of 2014

There has been a reemergence of classic, unplugged toys. While advancements continue around tech based toys, Dr. Michael Cohen of the Cohen Group shares, “ They have immense play value … We’ll see an explosion of digital toys but the ones that are going to make it are the ones that offer extraordinary play value.” Toys need to teach children and provide the tools to learn about the world through trial and error. Cohen suggests that because parents want and recognize their children's need to have a range of experiences, that is why it’s important and why we are seeing both traditional and digital toys flourishing.

To learn more, watch Dr. Cohen’s Digital Kids presentation here.

 Connecting With Your Players

Companies need to do more than just attract online players. With so many distractions brought on by the digital age, keeping your online players interested, paying, and generating revenue long term has never been harder. Chief Creative Officer, Jeff Roach of Fuel explains, “The most effective brand resonance begins with reaching consumers at an early age, in order to establish and nurture the relationship… For kids, interactivity and the satisfaction (reward) of making the right decision makes the gaming experience more compelling, fun and educational.

Read more here.

Kids Online Safety with COPPA

Entertaining kids with your product by engaging with them in online communities is great! As long as you understand the rules. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) has never been more important, and with recent amendments, it’s in your best interest to seek the advice of the professionals. Certified COPPA Safe Harbor and identity/consent services providers Denise Tayloe of PRIVO and Shai Samet of kidSAFE Seal Program are a couple you want to look into if considering building an online community.

When trying to stay current on emerging trends, monetization techniques and COPPA compliance, the list above is just a few of many resources you can find at Digital Kids Conference. While staying current with the industry is key to the success of your business, the team at Inversoft believes that building a community around your business or brand will you apart from everyone else. Let Inversoft help you build an online community to engage your audience - call us to discuss your plans today.


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