Infographic: Creating an Engaging Online Community

Sean Bryant

You have a product, resource or tool you know the world wants but they just don’t know about it yet. Old fashioned marketing efforts are dead, and rather than telling your potential buyer/user what they want, you listen. Listening is a key contributor in how companies direct many aspects of their business efforts and road maps. There is no better way to listen than by creating an engaging online community.

Listening helps you:

  • Gain information from your users on how they perceive and interact with your product.
  • Develop trust by interacting and letting the user know that you are present and communicative.
  • Maintain your reputation. If a customer is not receiving the level of quality or service expected regularly, it can tarnish your brand's reputation.
  • Reduce conflict by being proactive. Spotting a potential issue whether it be product related or within the community helps enforce your brand's presence and integrity.

Listening is incredibly important, but so is engaging, sharing, creating conversation and letting others (your customers) advocate for you. But they need a reason to do so. Senior Reporter, Marisa Peacock shares, “Anyone can set up an online community, but what will make it worth joining is if it accurately reflects the culture of your organization and provides meaningful incentives to members.”

Inversoft would like to share with you Creating & Engaging Online Communities 6 Key Elements of Successful Communities Infographic.

Originally posted via CMS Wire by Marisa Peacock

Creating an Engaging Online Community

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