Adding Value to the Community Manager

Sean Bryant

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What creates an amazing gaming experience? Is it the amount of pixels and detail in a game? Is it the ever expansive world without boundaries or never ending quests? Those are the things that attract people to a virtual world. What sustains an online virtual world is community. A community that thrives, engages and shares extends a game’s life cycle far beyond its ability to visually impress.

Day in and day out, the community manager strengthens the value of online communities by responding to the needs and desires of community members. They sweep up the messes, tame abusive users, empower the advocates, and pave the way for the perpetual game style to continue its life cycle.

The community management role is still in its development stage. By defining the community manager's role, establishing best practices and how the contribution of the online community correlates with the games success, will the community manager establish that added value they truly bring to the industry.

Inversoft came across this gem, and we wish to share what we hold in high regard, the community manager.

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