Marriott Launches Xplor: Worlds First Social Mobile Travel Game

Sean Bryant
  • By Sean Bryant
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  • August 15, 2013

Marriott is paving the way in customer engagement by creating the travel industry’s first online travel game to engage new and current customers. The game is part of Marriott’s innovation strategy intended to reach a new generation of travelers.



Xplor, a mobile travel game (currently only available on iOS App Store) allows users of all ages to ‘explore’ the world by visiting 5 gateway cities while challenging them to complete tasks, puzzles, answer trivia questions and compete with others for Marriott Rewards points redeemable at more than 3700 hotels across the globe.

Players travel the world to top tourist destinations, learning cultural differences, experiencing new foods and customs while collecting items, obtaining stamped passports, friending other users and chatting live while sharing and collaborating to solve Xplor’s many challenges.

Creating Community

Connecting customers and users of a directed application with one another is incredibly beneficial. Marriott’s Xplor’s mobile application does just that, while providing a dedicated online community ( with additional resources, information, leader board rankings and a discussion board.

When opening the door for users to communicate, there is inherent responsibility and risk that is taken. Not every user is looking to engage. Some are just looking to cause trouble. Keeping the application and community free of profanity and trolls is necessary to drive positive engagement while protecting the brand’s image.

The Solution

Implementing a chat filtering and moderation management solution is an excellent tool to meet those needs. While providing real time changes, flagging unwanted content, actioning users and filtering multiple languages at the same time, technology enables the application provider to take the steps to protect its users while providing a healthy and engaging online community.

For additional information on Xplor click here.


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