That's a Wrap: Online Community Unconference 2013

Sean Bryant

Last week was an adventure for all those who attended the Online Community Unconference in Mountain View, California. The Unconference is an event, (not a conference) where participants take the reins. A place for the new and seasoned  community manager to truly engage with like minds to share their experience and insights.

Professionals from across the industry - managers, producers, executives, technology providers and investors - discussed the solutions and strategies they have used to nurture and develop their online communities. There is no one better to offer advice than those on the front-lines continuously tending to their own online communities.

Participants got all they could handle from the well-organized Unconference which included over 60 sessions in 7 hours. With over 150 attendees, it seemed everyone had something to give and gain from this enlightening event.

No other event allows the community manager a chance to create, guide and share face to face with other industry professionals on current and emerging trends.

Inversoft would like to thank organizers Bill Johnston, Randy Farmer, Gail Williams, Kaliya Hamlin, Scott Moore, Susan Tenby, Maria Ogneva and Mark Smith for all their hard work.  Congratulations for pulling off a great event!

For your viewing pleasure we have provided an Online Community Unconference video teaser for all those who missed and attended this fantastic event.

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