Online Community Unconference 2013

Sean Bryant

Online Community Unconference

Where does a community manager go to learn new trends and gain expert industry insight to keep up with this crazy, progressive digital world? Online Community Unconference is an event, (not a conference) where community managers take the reins. A place for the new and seasoned  community manager to get their feet wet, truly engage with like minds, and share their experiences. You will meet professionals from all aspects of the industry like managers, producers, developers, executives, tool providers and investors to discuss the solutions and strategies others have used to nurture and develop their online communities. There is no one better to offer advice than those on the front-lines continuously honing, practicing and implementing new strategies for their own online communities.

In 2007, Online Community Unconference opened its doors and invited social solution providers, designers, community trend setters and many others to come together to share their expertise. Thanks to these influential minds and industry support, Unconference is back again and in full force. “People have been trying to figure out the format for loose connections among the ‘community sector’ for some time, and we are getting to where that makes some logical sense to take action” (Gail Williams).

Discussion Agenda

There are just too many questions and not enough time to get what you want out of a conference. Does that sound familiar? Be a part of the tribe, and contribute to the community. Unconference adopts the Open Space format. All those attending will have the chance to offer topics for discussion. Virtual worlds and online communities are free flowing, so why not implement a free flowing community guided agenda? And you get a take-away - all content from the sessions will be collected and compiled in a book of proceedings prior to your departure.

Inversoft is excited and proud to be a sponsor of the Online Community Unconference. We look forward to listening and learning what the community managers foresee for the future, so we can use these insights to make CleanSpeak an even more effective tool community managers can use to create and maintain healthy, engaging online communities.  We’re just happy to be a part of the tribe.


“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.”

- Seth Godin

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