Inversoft Unveils CleanSpeak 3.0

Industry’s Most Comprehensive Community Moderation Platform is Faster, Easier to Use and Integrate, and Saves Time with a Host of Automated Features

DENVER, Colo., July 9, 2015 -- Inversoft, the industry’s leading provider of solutions for growing, managing, and protecting online communities, today unveiled CleanSpeak 3.0, the most advanced version of its enterprise-grade moderation and profanity filtering software aimed at helping businesses foster active online communities, protect their customers’ online experience, and assure the appropriate quality of user-generated content. With CleanSpeak 3.0, businesses can improve customer trust and loyalty, establish integrity by communicating brand values, reduce customer churn and support costs, solicit feedback for product improvement and development, and augment upsell and cross-marketing activities.

CleanSpeak 3.0 offers businesses all of the powerful features they’ve come to expect from prior releases with the benefit of significant improvements in performance and ease of use. New features include advanced reporting, the automated reputation scoring of users based on their behavior and content, automated content alerting, and the ability to automatically track and take action to remedy these issues. CleanSpeak 3.0 provides intelligent filtering of profanity, personal information, URLs, email addresses, or other types of unwanted content. CleanSpeak continues to be easy to integrate with nearly any application, including games, forums, blogs, ratings and reviews, as well as mobile web and apps, and now it is even easier to deploy, integrate, and use.

“As commerce moves increasingly toward the web and mobile, businesses today struggle to provide a quality online experience that includes a community where customers and users can communicate safely. Inversoft is focused on helping our customers confidently bridge this gap with solutions like CleanSpeak 3.0,” said Brian Pontarelli, Inversoft founder and CEO. “We’re excited to deliver improvements across the board in performance, ease of use and integration, and an array of features that automate many tasks that were previously administered manually. CleanSpeak 3.0 represents a major upgrade from what is already the industry leading moderation and filtration software and underscores our ongoing commitment to helping businesses around the world more easily and quickly build, manage and protect their valuable online communities.”

Inversoft’s new CleanSpeak 3.0 enables companies to:

  • Fully support Bulletin Board Code (BBCode) — CleanSpeak automatically reconciles the ambiguities that can sometimes occur with Bulletin Board Code (BBCode), a simple markup language originally used for message boards, by filtering and analyzing BBCode marked up content for profanity and other unwanted content. It will render BBCode in queues and search results and can be configured to include custom BBCode tags from your forum.
  • Score users based on reputation — CleanSpeak automatically tracks a user’s score over time based on configurable rules of user behavior as well as incident reports from other users and moderators. User reputation scores can always be manually adjusted by a moderator to ensure they are accurate.
  • Manage user actions — User actions can be time-based allowing CleanSpeak to manage the duration of a discipline for you, as well as whether a user is notified when they are actioned. Actions are completely configurable through the CleanSpeak administration web interface.
  • Flag content and users — CleanSpeak can track user flags with advanced reporting. When a user reports another for bad behavior, the flag can be passed to CleanSpeak. It can also manage content flags in a similar fashion when a user reports a specific piece of content.
  • Simplified application configuration — Configuration and integration is further simplified by removing the hierarchy of Applications and Components to just an Application. Not only is this easier, but you gain more flexibility and granularity when managing content, users and moderators across Applications.
“Having the CleanSpeak admin interface helps bring major issues to light immediately. It allows the staff o be more efficient and effective in reviewing and escalating content when there are issues, and actioning users when there is something questionable going on,” said Mike Liesik, community manager, Pokemon. “The flexibility helps us catch false positives quickly so our customers are not getting muted or banned for no good reason.”

CleanSpeak 3.0 is available immediately and existing customers can upgrade today at no cost. New customers can visit for a two-week free trial.

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Building innovative customer-connecting software solutions since 2007, Denver-based Inversoft offers industry-leading platform technologies for online communities. Its clients range from startups to Fortune 500 corporations across a wide range of industries including gaming, financial services, healthcare, education, entertainment and consumer goods.

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