Inversoft Founder and CEO Brian Pontarelli Nominated Entrepreneur Of The Year

Brian Pontarelli Nominated for Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year. An award recognizing high growth entrepreneurs for their success and determination.

Denver, Colo., APRIL 16, 2014 -- Congratulations to Brian Pontarelli, Founder of Inversoft who was named a semi-finalist for Entrepreneur of the year in the Desert Mountain Region by Ernst and Young. The awards program recognizes high-growth entrepreneurs who are demonstrating excellence and extraordinary success in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities. Said Brian, “I’m thrilled to be named a semi-finalist for this award primarily because of what the recognition says about the company. I’m pleased with the culture we’ve built at Inversoft and I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Brian is the creator of the CleanSpeak profanity filtering and moderation software, which is used by companies to protect their brands and users online. His commitment to high performance makes CleanSpeak the fastest, most reliable and secure technology of it’s kind. As such, the technology has been adopted by iconic brands like Disney, Pokémon, the NFL and many others.

Brian’s vision is to continue to grow Inversoft by applying the same principles that enabled the company to attain its current level. The company is developing two new products to expand its market potential and leverage an annual license revenue model. Inversoft will utilize its own technology platform to custom build online communities for clients across a broad range of industries.