Inversoft and AgeCheq Deliver First Ever COPPA Compliant User Database

Passport Handles Online Privacy with Child-Parent Logins Required by COPPA

DENVER, July 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --Inversoft and AgeCheq announced the integration of AgeCheq's child privacy management technology with Inversoft's Passport user database and management system. As a result of this partnership, companies using Passport can guarantee COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) compliance and dramatically improve the user experience of parents that manage their children's privacy under this act.

As anyone who spends time online knows, most sites and apps require users to authenticate themselves in order to access personalized content and features. Similarly, for content that is directed at children under 13, publishers are required by COPPA to authenticate parents and gain their permission before information is captured from children. COPPA sets clear guidelines for interactive companies, however it can still be a challenge to ensure compliance.

InMobi settled a $950K fine for tracking children without parental consent and this week BBB spanked Aetna and Sega apps for privacy violations. Online privacy is a critical issue; ignoring COPPA requirements leaves companies exposed to scrutiny and lawsuits that can result in long-term set backs and a damaging brand image. In a move that further enhances Passport's status as a robust user database for numerous sites and services, Inversoft has partnered with AgeCheq to produce the first 100% COPPA compliant user database, allowing Passport to be used for parental verification and approval anytime it is required.

"We're excited to work with AgeCheq" said Brian Pontarelli, CEO of Inversoft. "Privacy has become a very hot topic recently, and we believe parents with younger children will really value being able to manage their children's privacy using Passport.  Because the AgeCheq system also works with the new EU privacy law known as GDPR, we foresee Passport being used worldwide to streamline the online world's transition to open and transparent handling and protection of user privacy."

"Inversoft was the first to solve the problem of 'user login fatigue' and we are delighted to benefit from their leadership in this partnership." said AgeCheq CEO, Roy Smith.  "Each of our companies have built elegant solutions to knotty problems that plague online services and we are pleased to combine them for the benefit of users who wish to manage their online privacy."