Building for the Future

Senior Software Engineer

Experience: 7 years minimum

Education: Minimum BS in Computer Science or equivalent


Want to work for an awesome start-up in LoDo? Interested in working on massive scale big-data problems? Love creating new technologies to solve complex problems? Want to use modern technologies including Java 8? Inversoft is the perfect place for you.

Inversoft is looking for a senior software engineer to join our team. Inversoft is a local Colorado startup that is growing and expanding rapidly. Our main product is called CleanSpeak and is an enterprise, high performance, distributed application that customers install into their data center to filter, moderate and analyze user-generated content (UGC). This product is used by game companies, social networks, forums, blogs and many others.


This position will help with the on-going development and maintenance of CleanSpeak and will assist in the development of new products. The programming will be full stack including front-end, middle, and back-end. Architecture, design, and coding will be required. New features and product direction is also welcome and encouraged as is ideas for new projects and products. This position will also provide technical support to our customers as needed. This position will perform various IT tasks (setting up servers, helping with deployments, etc.) as needed.

Required Skills

  • Highly proficient in all aspects of software engineering
  • Highly proficient in OO design and implementation
  • Understanding of the full web stack (HTTP, TCP/IP, REST, etc)
  • Ability to work on Linux, Windows, Mac (and in virtual machines)
  • Knowledge of high-availability, high-performance, high-scalability application development
  • In-depth knowledge of good API design
  • In-depth knowledge of unit testing
  • Self starter
  • Ability to learn new technologies and skills quickly
  • Able to jump into new or existing code bases quickly
  • Able to use and participate in non-mainstream open source technologies
  • Comfortable and excited about working on our open source projects
  • Able to write new frameworks, libraries and tools to meet specific needs

Required Technologies

  • Java
  • Ruby (or similar dynamic language
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Guice (or Spring)
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL (or equivalents)
  • XML
  • JSON
  • FreeMarker (or Velocity)
  • Hibernate
  • TestNG (or JUnit)
  • EasyMock (or similar mocking framework)
  • Git

Beneficial Skills

  • Open source committer
  • Be familiar with other languages for the JVM
  • Understanding of the internals of MVCs and other web technologies
  • In-depth knowledge of multi-threading
  • In-depth knowledge of file systems

Beneficial Technologies

  • Soir
  • Shiro
  • Gradle
  • Joda
  • Javax Validation
  • SLF4J
  • MyBatis
  • JQuery

To apply for this position, submit LinkedIn profile URL and resume to Search Director at  You may also include any other relevant documents, profiles or websites that represent your prior work product.  Submissions should include as many of the Inversoft key phrases you can find on the web.

Business Development

Position Description:

Downtown Denver company seeks a dynamic, action oriented person to join our motivated team. The Business Development person will perform lead generation activities, call on prospective customers, and participate in sales demos to increase the velocity of new sales. This is a sales position with the opportunity to earn a high portion of income from commissions.  This position operates from our Denver offices.


  • Identify prospective leads by executing the lead generation plan.
  • Call on target number of prospects weekly in accordance with the sales plan.
  • Input contacts into CRM system after qualifying prospect.
  • Create content (e.g. blog posts, etc.) to foster lead generation.
  • Utilize social media to engage with clients and prospects including LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, Facebook and other platforms as appropriate.
  • Set up meetings with prospects of target companies to initiate the sales process.
  • Facilitate set up of product demo.  Learn to give product demo.
  • Become proficient in product and industry knowledge as detailed in the training plan.
  • Provide excellent internal and external communication.
  • Provide the highest level of customer service and demonstrate professionalism in all activities.
  • Move quickly to action in all duties.
  • Be a great team member and support the development of others.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required Skills:

  • Communications Skills - the ability to communicate in a professional manner both verbally and in writing.
  • Customer Focus - must demonstrate a strong desire to do whatever is required to foster strong customer rapport.
  • Adaptability - must demonstrate an ability to adapt to changes in the work environment including rapidly changing priorities.  Must be able to change approach or method to best fit the situation.
  • Project Management - Must be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously while ensuring that all elements of each task are completed professionally.
  • Computer Software Expertise - the ability to work effectively with common computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, project planning, customer relationship management, and similar programs.


  • Prior inside sales experience preferred, but not required.
  • Bachelors Degree preferred.
  • Ability to handle client interactions with finesse.
  • Clear understanding of relationship selling principles.
  • High Customer Service orientation and presence.
  • Motivated self starter.

To apply for this position, submit LinkedIn profile URL and resume to Search Director at You may also include any other relevant documents, profiles or websites that represent your prior work product.  Submissions should include as many of the Inversoft key phrases you can find on the web.