4 Steps to Prevent Online Bullying

Mike Moloughney

Cyber bullying, or online bullying, continues to be a significant problem for teen and child-focused online communities.  What are the steps a site owner can take to prevent or minimize this type of behavior in their online community?


First, let’s give a quick overview of cyber bullying.  Cyber bullying is similar to “regular” bullying, but is done through electronic means (e.g., cell phone, computer, tablet).  There are many avenues for cyber bullying: social media sites, text messages, forums, and chat rooms are among them.  According to the US Department of Health and Human Services Cyberbullying Research Center, a stunning 52% of students reported being cyber bullied.  It may be difficult for adults to relate to cyber bullying as the sheer speed and scale is much greater than bullying that we grew up with.  No longer is bullying just done face-to-face.  Being able to disparage someone online provides not only anonymity, but also, an extremely wide audience.

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Online Bullies: Parenting in Real-Time

Brian Pontarelli

A few weeks ago, my 8-year old son came to me and said, “Dad, can you help me with something?” I said, “Absolutely.” He led me over to the family computer, and he explained to me that while he was playing Roblox, this “other guy” was being really uncool. I asked him to tell me what the player was doing, and he said, “Let me show you.”

For the next 20 minutes, the two of us watched as this player proceeded to ruin the game for everyone else. My son explained that in this level, there was a special item that afforded players a lot of power. Because this “other guy” player had this special item, he had the ability to fly, create anything, or destroy anything. He was using this power to ruin the experience of other players, including my son.

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