CleanSpeak Profanity Infuser

Brian Pontarelli
  • By Brian Pontarelli
  • Culture
  • April 1, 2013

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Inversoft is proud to announce the addition of a new product to the CleanSpeak line-up. Introducing CleanSpeak Profanity Infuser.

As you know, Inversoft has been developing and improving on the CleanSpeak Profanity Filter for over 5 years. Our profanity filter provides a simple way for online communities to remove profanity and other unwanted content. Our profanity filtering software is a sophisticated tool that understands language and is designed to minimize false positives.

After 5 years of profanity filtering, we decided it was time for a change. Instead of removing profane messages, the new CleanSpeak Profanity Infuser creates them. Using a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes the darkest corners of the web, CleanSpeak Profanity Infuser knows every slang word and phrase ever used online.

We know that not every online community wants to be clean and constructive. Sometimes businesses just want to let things run wild. In order to help these types of communities look more "street" and "hard-core", we designed the CleanSpeak Profanity Infuser to generate random messages that are as offensive and off-color as possible. Managers of these communities don’t need to wait for their users to make the community seedy for them, they can now let CleanSpeak take their community right into the gutter automatically.

This new product is licensed based on a set of sketchiness levels. The more sketchy you want your community, the more work CleanSpeak Profanity Infuser has to do. Here are the levels of sketchiness you can choose from:

  • Elementary school - this level contains a lot of potty-mouth content and generally will make for a good environment for elementary school students to tell dirty jokes and talk about anatomy and giggle
  • Start-up Company - enough profanity and off-color remarks to get some laughs, but not really get anyone in serious trouble
  • Vegas Strip - what happens in this community stays in this community
  • Big Lebowski - this level is slightly different than the others. It generates exactly 260 f-bombs in your community each day
  • I need a shower - this level is our highest offering for the Profanity Infuser. It will turn your community into a place where only the sketchiest characters would go. We guarantee that no self-respecting person would set foot in your community after you let the Profanity Infuser loose.

If you would like more information about CleanSpeak Profanity Infuser, send us an email with your name, phone number and desired level of filth and one of Inversoft's trained mental-health counselors will get back to you within 24 hours.

Happy April 1st from Inversoft!